Monday Oct 25, 2021

Valorant Champions Tour: APAC Last Chance Qualifier

REJECT AND FENNEL gets eliminated in the Valorant Champions Tour APAC LCQ (Image by Sportskeeda)

Valorant Champions Tour: APAC Last Chance Qualifier

Information about Valorant Champions Tour: APAC Last Chance Qualifier

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The third day of Valorant Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifier concluded today with multiple battles in both Upper Bracket Semifinals and Lower Bracket Round 2.

The VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers are held to provide professional teams from one region with a wildcard entry into Valorant Champions, the game’s annual international tournament. To get that opportunity, however, all chosen teams must compete against each other until only one of them remains.

With the tournament still going on, here’s everything fans need to know about Valorant APAC LCQ’s standings and who those teams are facing.

Valorant Champions Tour: APAC LCQ: Results till Day 2 and brackets

The Valorant APAC Last Chance Qualifier tournament brackets are divided into several stages, such as Round of 10, Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, Upper Bracket Semifinals, Lower Brackets, and so on.

Of all these stages, only a few have concluded, and their results are as follows:

Round of 10

BOOM Esports vs FENNEL: BOOM Esports won (2-0).

Global Esports vs DAMWON Gaming: Global Esports won (2-1).

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

NUTURN Gaming vs BOOM Esports: NUTURN GAMING won (2-0).


Paper Rex vs Global Esports: Paper Rex won (2-0).

F4Q vs Northeption: Northeption won (0-2).

Upper Bracket Semifinals


Paper Rex vs Northeption: TBD on October 14 @12:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

Upper Bracket Final

FULL SENSE vs (Paper Rex/Northeption): TBD on October 15 @12:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

Lower Bracket 1

REJECT vs DAMWON Gaming: DAMWON Gaming won (0-2).

F4Q vs FENNEL: F4Q won(2-1).

Lower Bracket 2

BOOM Esports vs DAMWON Gaming: TBD on October 14 @15:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

Global Esports vs F4Q: TBD on October 14 @18:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

Lower Bracket 3

(Paper Rex/Northeption) vs (BOOM Esports/DAMWON Gaming): TBD on October 15 @15:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

(Global Esports/F4Q) vs NUTURN Gaming: TBD on October 15 @18:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

📢 Check out updated bracket for #VALORANTLCQ APAC!A typographical error on the previously announced bracket image has been located and corrected.Following corrections have been made.
MATCH M W-I vs L-L (previously W-I vs L-K)
MATCH N W-J vs L-K (previously W-J vs L-L)(½)

The tournament has now seen its first two eliminations, with teams FENNEL and REJECT. Both teams tried their hardest to make it out of Lower Bracket Round 1, however, their opponents outlasted them and advanced to Lower Bracket Round 2.

These two eliminations will not be the last, as fans will witness two more teams suffer the same fate in Lower Bracket Round 2, scheduled for October 14.

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